VSS Individual Needs Programme Update

wE am pleased to advise you that the Individual Needs Programme for 2017-2018 is now open, and that the VSS is able to offer you support.

What has changed this year?

The main changes to the Programme this year are as follows:

  • Your award will be made in one cash payment. This means that you do not need to submit any invoices or receipts to VSS. You are free to use your cash payment as you choose.
  • You may use this cash payment to pay for household items, a respite break, home heating, complementary therapies, or any other goods or services you need at this time.
  • There is no financial means test. This means that you do not need to submit any bank statements or other financial information to VSS.

        Is there any other support available?

We understand that your needs as a victim or survivor can be complex and can change over time. We are currently setting up a network of Health and Wellbeing Caseworkers to assist you with this. The Ely Centre has recently recruited our new Health & Well Being Case Worker If you have specific needs in relation to Psychological Therapies, Persistent Pain or Disability Support, Education and Training, or Advocacy, they will be available to meet with you and assist you to access relevant services and support.

Please contact the office to arrange a meeting with our new

Health and well-being case officer