Visit by Rt Hon Mrs Arlene Foster MLA

The Ely Centre were delighted to welcome Former First Minister The Rt Hon Mrs Arlene Foster MLA to our organisation today to meet with members and present on the prevalent Mental Health, Welfare and Intergenerational Trauma Needs of Victims and Veterans of the Troubles and their families.
These grass roots issues are negatively impacting on a daily basis an increasing no of victims, veterans and ther families, This opportunity afforded us the opportunity to present the issues and the work that we and our partner groups from across Northern Ireland are collaboratively delivering in seeking to improve the lives of victims and their familes.
As a victim of the Troubles herself, her understanding and empathy for the varied needs of victims and their families is evidenced in her committment to supporting this sector , the work which is delivered within it and the individuals we seek to help.
The opportunity to discuss the plans surrounding the Enniksillen Memorial and the work currently being undertaken was positvely received.