The Ely Centre Appoint Dr Art O’Malley as Head of Clinical Services

The Ely Centre is pleased to welcome Dr Art O’Malley to the team as the Head of Clinical Services. This new position within the Centre will oversee the delivery of all therapeutic services including our talking therapies service, health and wellbeing caseworkers and complementary therapies. As part of this new role Dr O’Malley will undertake clinical assessments for referrals into statutory services and the newly established Regional Trauma Network and will carry out initial triage assessments of referrals made to the Ely Centre to assess suitability for counselling and other needs based on clinical risk strategy. Dr O’Malley be responsible for ensuring effective governance and the safe delivery of all clinical services delivered within the Ely Centre.

Dr O’Malley, a well published Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and EMDR Consultant has worked in a variety of clinical settings from Hospitals to outpatient settings across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. With over 30 years of experience in clinical assessment in all age groups and in a variety of clinical settings including Accident and Emergency, large General Hospitals , Paediatric wards, Adult and child and adolescent mental health services, Since returning home he has been providing therapeutic support to victims and survivors of the troubles and veterans of the HM Forces. With over 12 years’ experience of practicing EMDR supervision Dr O’ Malley has been supervising a wide range of health professionals who were seeking supervision for their clinical practice. Over the last few years Dr O’Malley has been employed by a range of mental health Trusts in the NHS to provide clinical supervision for their clinical employees.

Speaking on his recent appointment Dr O’Malley stated:

I am delighted to have been appointed to this position. It has been great working on a sessional capacity with the other members of the team since September 2019, they have always made me feel welcome. This new role will enable me to develop and strengthen links with other heads of clinical services within the sector and help to develop the coordinating role of the Regional Trauma Network which has the potential to be a game changer for mental health services in Northern Ireland

Mr Jim Dixon, Ely Centre Chairperson stated “We are delighted to welcome Art to the team here at the Ely Centre and wish him every blessing as he commences this much needed role within the organisation. Art has a proven record in delivering mental health services across the UK and Ireland and this experience we are sure will be to the benefit of all victims and survivors. With the current COV1D19 pandemic the need for effective mental health services is greater now than ever, we anticipate a greater demand in the future for such services and to have such a dedicated and experienced professional leading this service will be a source of reassurance and comfort for many”

If you would like to contact Art please contact the centre or email him directly on

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