Successful Welfare Pilot Project in South Armagh concludes.

The Ely Centre pilot project which sought to provide complimentary and additional welfare support services to victims and survivors residing in the South Armagh and Monagahn Area has come to a successful conclusion. Over the past 6 months, the SAMBA project has made great inroads into the area by hosting 7 outreach welfare clinics to circa 50 individuals from across the target area and has provided one on one welfare support and advice to approximately 45 new clients who had previously not recevied this type of support in the area. An open door policy also in operation at the markethill office has been greatly utilised by victims and survivors acros the area.

Furthermore the Markethill office have hosted 2 statutory and voluntary forums from the beginning of the new year and we would like to express our gratitude to all those participants who have played a crucial role in assisting in the developement of the SERVE concept which we are seeking to develop throughout ths year.

Whilst our welfare officer positions for the pilot phase have now reached a successful conclusion. The Ely Centre is currently bidding to make this project a permanent service within this area to complement Health and Well Being Services operational in the area.

Further details on this will be provided in due course.

In the interim we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mr Danny Kennedy and Mr David Taylor for their hard work and dedication to ensuring the outputs and impact of this pilot project were successfully acheived, we would like to thank them for ensuring that this project hit the ground running and the positive feedback which has been received from beneficiaries and partner organisations has been extremely welcome.