Successful screening of the Trouble with the Troubles youth DVD

A storytelling DVD featuring 42 Young people from around the counties of Fermanagh and Tyrone was recently screened at the Ely Centre Enniskillen. This DVD funded by the Victims and Survivors Service presents the compelling insight of young people’s thoughts feelings and experiences living in the aftermath of “The Troubles”. Many of the young people who participated within the study have first-hand experience of bereavement or injury to a parent of family member as a result of terrorism in the community 

The DVD was recently launched on Tuesday 23rd January to a packed audience of Ely members. Many found the documentary an informative and eye opening account that was yet humorous at times.

Ms Shirley-Ann Ebbitt Family support officer, who pioneered the project stated that “This project was aimed to preserve the thoughts and feelings of today’s young people at this point in our history in the hope for it to be used as an artefact that is passed on to future generations as a piece of our history we believe the experiences of many of our young people are too often forgotten, however their suffering as this dvd illustrates cannot be underestimated”

The DVD will be used for educational purposes that is shown to visiting groups from Fermanagh and further afield.

A second screening will take place on Wednesday 28th Feb @7.30pm in the Ely Centre 60 Forthill St Enniskillen.