Steering Committee selected to lead Brooke House Project Forward.

The Ely Centre are happy to announce the establishment of the steering committee who will oversee the delivery and implementation of the new Brooke House Project.

This Libor funded three year project will operate from the Colebrooke Estate, Co Fermanagh, the home of Viscount Brookeborough.

This committee is composed of men and women from within the RUC Family who have personally suffered bereavement and physical or psychological injury from across the three counties.

These dedicated individuals have all suffered as a result of the Troubles and its impact upon the RUC and are committed to ensuring that this project will target support at those families and individuals who most need it.

Over the past months the steering committee have been active in developing a delivery and marketing plan and personnel specification for the range of posts which the project will employ.

In the coming weeks the recruitment call will be released for the staff to lead this exciting new health and well being and respite project aimed at supporting the lives of injured and bereaved RUC families from across Co Fermanagh, Co Tyrone and Co Armagh.

We anticipate that all recruited personnel will be in post by the latest mid-summer with an official launch scheduled for September 2018.

From the beginning of 2018 the Ely Centre have held a number of preliminary briefings with representatives of the RUC Family. This consultation and familiarisation process will be continued further when the project staff are in place.

To date we have held extremely constructive and beneficial meetings with representatives of the Police Voluntary Welfare Associations and RUC GC Foundation from within the project target areas. We have also had the opportunity to brief The Police Rehabilitation and Retraining Trust, The Chief Executive of the VSS Mrs Margaret Bateson, Victims and Survivors groups , local Politicians and Councillors and representatives of the Police Care Forum.

We are delighted that the project has been well received with many excited by the opportunity this project will bring and the support that it can offer to those within the RUC family.

As an organisation we are extremely grateful to the support, advice and commitment to the project from all those we have engaged with and we look forward to furthering that relationship in the future months and years ahead.