Statement from Memorial Architects Neil Irvine Design

Statement from Neil Irvine Desgin

Planning Application for the Enniskillen Memorial was submitted on 13/01/17. Ref Number LA10/2017/0056/F. P1 form submitted with relevant drawings. P2a forms posted to Department of Infrastructure, Fermanagh University Partnership Board & St Michael’s Diocesan Trust notifying of our application.

Planning Department followed planning protocol with regard to public notification via local newspapers and also neighbourhood notification. Third parties / Stakeholders were given time to view and comment on the application.

DRD Roads had concerns with the initial location on the footpath given the large volume of pedestrians passing and its potential trip hazard. The memorial was then relocated to its current location. Roads Service had no further objections. The amended location was publically adverted again in accordance with planning protocol and subsequently granted planning approval on 25th July 2017.

All drawings submitted with the planning application have been publicly available from submission of said applicaiton.