Positive Development for Veterans

Welcome Developments from No 10

The Ely Centre welcome Prime Minister Johnsons initiative to support veterans through the creation of a new office for Veterans Affairs that will give our veterans World-Class assistance and the recognition they deserve.

Prime Minster Boris Johnson explained: “It is absolutely right that the government should do all it can to support our armed forces from the day they enlist and for the rest of their lives. Veterans have given so much to the UK. They have so much to offer our workplaces and wider society and it would be a dereliction of duty not to harness that potential.”

In one of Boris Johnson’s first acts as Prime Minister, he has announced a new office headed by Veterans Minister Oliver Dowden - the UK’s first veterans’ minister. The new position will be both an MoD and cabinet position meaning that it has the power to make a difference where it is needed. Oliver Dowden: “Our veterans have made extraordinary sacrifices for this country and it’s only right that we repay their commitment with the right support and care when they leave service.”

What will the office for Veterans Affairs do for veterans?

This news comes with the appointment of new Defence Minister Johnny Mercer who has been critical of how the government have recently treated veterans. He criticised the Historical Investigations Unit saying the Government risked creating an "equivocation between those who got up in the morning to go and murder women and children and civilians and those who donned a uniform to go and protect the crown"

The Office for Veterans Affairs will, according to the government, provide lifelong support to UK veterans. The new department will coordinate and drive government policy on veterans’ welfare, spanning mental and physical health, education and employment.

A key tenant of the Office for Veterans Affairs is “ensuring they get the medical treatment they require, to further training and skills after they have transitioned from service to keep them in good jobs, to targeted interventions to prevent the scourge of veteran homelessness.”