New Ely Centre Brooke House Outreach Office now open

The Ely Centre are delighted to announce that our new Co Armagh Ely Centre and Brooke House Outreach Offices are now open in Markethill.

The new offices which are just receiving some finishing cosmetic touches at present are located at 7 and 11c Fargreen Road Markethill Co Armagh and come equipped with A Complementary Therapy Room and number of private consultation rooms for those members benefiting from our Talking Therapies and Welfare Advice Services where privacy and confidentiality are essential factors in ensuring a beneficial experience.  

The new offices will be staffed by a number of Health and Well Being, Welfare Support and sessional staff who will be providing services on behalf of the Ely Centre and Brooke House Project.

The staffing team many of whom reside in the local area, and have been impacted as a result of The Troubles or Service with the Armed/ Security Forces  will be operational by the begining of Septembers, this team includes

  • Veterans Health and Well Being Manager
  • Veterans Health and Well Being Support Officer
  • Victims and Survivors Health and Well Being Support Officer
  • Welfare Support and Advice Officer
  • Vetearns Welfare Support Officer
  • A Sessional Team of Physiotherapists, Talking Therapists ( Step 1-3)  and Complementary / Alternative Therapists.    

A range of exciting in house and outreach events are currently being planned over the coming months to ensure that the locality is made fully aware of the excellent services that  will be available to support Victims and Survivors, Veterans of HM Forices and Ex Serving Personnel of the RUC either though our own services or the excellent services provided by our partner groups.

A drop in service is now available and for those seeking to learn more about the services please feel free to call in and enquire.

Contact no : 02837552447

This project is supported by the Victims and Survivors Service and the Armed Forces Covenant Trust.

Speaking on these recent developments, Chair Mr Jim Dixon stated " The Ely Centre express our gratitiude to the Victims and Survivors Service and the Armed Forices Covenant Trust for funding this project. I am so delighted that our pilot project last year within the South Armagh area is now beginning to make inroads in this area. An area which has many residents who have suffered as a result of the Troubles or as result of Armed Service in other conflict Zones. We want to provide the best possible support to our Victims and Veterans and the Board are excited by the potential of the new Co Armagh team and the postive impact that can have on the lives of those we seek to help  I encourage all who require Health and Well BeIng and Welfare Support to get in touch with the team and make use of the support that is available for them"

An official opening is planned for later in the year.

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