Members encouraged to respond to Regional Trauma Network Public Consultaiton

The Ely Centre are encouraging members to respond to the current Public consultation document on the implementation of the Regional Trauma Network for Northern Ireland.

The Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) has launched a public consultation on the Regional Trauma Network. The consultation proposes a new service delivery model for trauma services in Northern Ireland and is outlining the Stormont House Vision of a world class mental health services.

As an organisaiton focusing upon the provision of mental health services for victims and survivors and veterans of HM Forices and Security Forices we are keen to know your opinion on the advantages and disdvantages of the Proposals outlined within the RTN document and how this process could be improved.

Over the summer months we have held a number of meetings with The 5 political Parties, The Exective Office, Dept of Health the VSS and as one of the five largest victims/survivors groups we have been collectively expressing our concerns which will contribute to our organisational response.

However we are keen to learn what you are members thoughts are therefore If you wish to discuss this consultation document please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our health and well being staff.

The Consultaiton Document can be downloaded from the link below.