Legacy Consultation Have your Say

Northern Ireland Office: Public Consultation - HAVE YOUR SAY

The Northern Ireland Office released the legacy consultation “Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past” on 11 May 2018 and it will run until 17.00 on 10 September 2018.

A Consultation is the process whereby the public are given the opportunity to give their opinions on legislation the government is going to deliver.

This consultation is on proposed legacy mechanisms and includes draft legislation that will go through Westminster.

It will give the government and policy makers the chance to listen to the views of victims, survivors and wider society and be alerted to any issues or concerns.

The consultation documents can be accessed here on the Northern Ireland Office website.


From the launch of this consultation the ely centre have been actively seeking the views of victims and survivors to gauge your opinion before a submission is completed. We will continue to work with our advocacy referral partners as the importance of these proposals cannot be understated as they will shape how the troubles are recorded in History. Therefore we encorage all victims to respond to this consultation either individually or collectively.

This consultation will cover the following four of the proposed Stormont House Agreement mechanisms: