Ely Successfully delivery accredited EMDR Training

The Ely Centre, Enniskillen were delighted with the success of the first ever EMDR Training Course to be delivered in the West in January 2018. This training programme offered Mental Health Practitioners from across Northern Ireland the opportunity to complete their EMDR Training to further enhance the delivery of Mental Health Support across the County.

This 2 week long training programme delivered between the Ely Centre and Magee University in collaboration with Mirablis Health provided students in the West their first opportunity to gain invaluable learning from experts in the field of PTSD, which included expert teaching from The Ely Centre Clinical Manager Mr David Hutton. The EMDR training programme was accredited by EMDR UK & Ireland

EMDR is an advanced psychotherapeutic procedure employed in the treatment of PTSD sufferers and Veterans requiring complex treatment programmes as a result of Trauma. EMDR along with CBT are the only recommended treatments for PTSD sufferers according to the World Health Organisation.

A number of The Ely Centre Mental Health Practitioners along with Health Service Professionals took this opportunity to enhance their professional development and successfully completed Parts 1 & 2, through this continued learning programme

Speaking at the completion of the Training Course, Mr Lee McDowell, and Director stated “by the delivery of this essential course, the quality of Mental Health service delivery can be greatly improved for sufferers of trauma across Northern Ireland. Moving forward with the reported increase in presenting clients suffering from Mental Health Issues, the more qualified and experienced the practitioner operating within the field, the more help and treatment can be provided. Courses such as EMDR are essential for all those seeking to effectively support victims of trauma and we were delighted with the success and feedback this programme has received”

The Ely Centre are planning to host another course in the forthcoming months and interested parties are invited to contact the centre for further details.