Ely Centre welcomes DUP/Conservative Party Deal

The Ely Centre has warmly welcomed the announcement of a major cash injection for mental health services and Implementation of Armed Forces Covenant as a result of the DUP /

Conservative Party deal.

Speaking after it was announced that £10Million a year for 5 years will be made available specifically for mental health services Mr Lee McDowell, Director of The Ely Centre stated

“The Ely Centre welcome this announcement of significant extra funding for mental health

services in Northern Ireland. We are pleased that this area has been highlighted within the new deal and encourage all local representatives in the work that lies ahead in rolling this funding out. We have presented the case for significant investment into specialised mental health service provision for civilians and veterans of the security/ armed forces who continue to suffer as a result of Troubles.

Collaboratively Victims Organisations and Military Charities have been working in Northern

Ireland to lobby for improvements in mental health service provision to recognise long term under investment in this area and the need for continued development particularly around the implementation of the Mental Health Trauma Service.

Speaking after the announcement of a commitment to the Military Covenant was announced

Mr Jim Dixon Ely Centre Chairperson stated

“The Ely Centre have a proud history of supporting the Armed Forces Community, in particular those individuals and families who suffered bereavement or injury during Operation

Banner This respect of the Armed Forces formed our establishment in 1987 and The Ely Centre as a Signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant In Northern Ireland welcome the commitment from both parties to establish independent commissions ensuring the covenant is implemented fully and that veterans living in Northern Ireland are awarded the same entitlements as those residing on the