Ely Centre Online Mental Health Seminars during Covid 19

The Ely Centre are delighted to announce a new series of Online Mental Health Q&A Sessions with Dr Art O'Malley to support our members during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
If you have any questions your would like Dr OMalley to address during our first seminar then please forward your question to counselling@elycentre.co.uk before Thursday 7th May.
All questions will be anonymised. Alongside the Q&A sessions, over the coming weeks the Ely Centre will be uploading a number of health and well being seminars to support members during this time delivered by members of the mental health team.

Speaking on this Mr Lee McDowell, Director of Services stated " in response to increasing referral number to our counselling programme and widespread concerns amongst our clientele, we felt it necessary to provide an online resource tool delivered in a personal approach to promote positive mental health during this time of uncertainty and distress. Dr Omalley is a highly experienced practitioner in the field of mental health and I encourage all our members to forward any questions which are concerning them in relatIon to their mental health and the current pandemic to Art and he will provide insightful and helpful responses to these. Over the coming weeks we aim to deliver a range of Q&A sessions alongside online seminars to develop an online catalogue of useful resource tools to support and promote positive mental health with contributions from the whole Health and Well Being Team. This will be a very useful resource for many so please avail of this free service.