Ely Centre successful in funding bid to VSS for outreach welfare support service

In July 2018 the Ely Centre were successful in their recent bid to the Victims and Survivors Service to continue the development of outreach welfare, benefits advice for victims and survivors. This funding will assist in the creation of a new outreach welfare support officer to provide essentail welfare support for clients residing in the South Armagh and Monaghan areas. The need for this service has been created through a series of consultaitons with our HWB team operating in the target area, partner groups and local stakeholders in the area who have helped identify the need for a welfare support officer to address the ever increasing needs which many victims and their families are experiencing.

We are delighted to pilot this project over the next 7 months with a review to occur at the end of the financial year.

The Ely Centre has recently launched a recruitment exercise to idientify a suitably qualified and experience welfare officer to join our welfare team.

If you are interested in applying for this position or would like to learn more then please contact the office or click on the link below to apply.