Ely Centre publish 2019 2020 Annual Review

The Ely Centre welcome the publication of their 2019 2020 annual review of the Victims Support and Peace 4 Services. 

Mr Jim Dixon stated " It is with great pleasure that I have this opportunity to present the services delivered by the Ely Centre during the 2019-2020 financial period. The successes and achievements of the services which have been delivered for the betterment of victims and survivors and their families and the new strategic and funding developments which continue to be accessed will ensure the longevity and progressive evolution of the Ely Centre in a leading Victims Charity with the potential to improve the lives of an even greater number of victims and survivors with the latest advancements in the fields in which we operate"  In brief the 2019-2020 period has been demonstrated to be a very successful year for the Centre, we have been particularly impressed with the following outputs and outcomes demonstrated in the year.


  • Continued Ely Centre client growth
  • Increased service beneficiary numbers to almost 3000 direct beneficiaries
  • Expansion of our Referral Pathways network from a range of local statutory and voluntary organisations.
  • Increased inward referrals for the Health and Well Being services.
  • Increased fundraising towards memorial campaigns which the centre are adminstering on behalf of victims and survivors.
  • Increase in service uptake from underrepresented target groups benefitting from services.
  • In reference to talking therapies there has been statistically significant clinical and reliable Improvement in the wellbeing of victims demonstrated upon the corenet system.  Over 800 sessions of talking therapy has been delivered to over 102 clients during this current year and this service has over 80% + Talking Therapy Attendance Rate
  • In reference to complementary therapies there has been significant  Improvement Ratings for Complementary Therapy services with over 460 sessions delivered to victims and survivors from across fermanagh, tyrone and armagh.
  • Increase of Males utilising Health and Well Being Support Services.
  • Increased welfare income for eligible clients from our expanded team of welfare officers
  • Expansion of Welfare Service Provision and Presentation at Outreach Events.
  • Proactive partner is the development of Regional Trauma Network and the Victims Permamnet Disablement Payment Scheme
  • Reductions in psychological symptoms presented by victims and survivors to our talking therapies service.
  • Physical and technological Improvements in our clinical practice and procedures relating to our Health and Well Being Service, these improvement will continue through the introduction of the new RTN posts.
  • Improvement in educational/ vocational and social skills held by victims/ survivors
  • Improved family relationships and understanding of the Troubles from the younger generations.
  • Increase in support/ recognition and capacity of carers.
  • Pro active in providing support to over 230 families during the current COVID 19 pandemic.

We encourage all our members to download a copy of our Annual Review by clicking on the link below.

 The Ely Centre 2019 2020 VSP/ PEACE 4 Annual Review