Ely Centre achieves recognition for work supporting the Armed Forces Community in Northern Ireland

The Ely Centre have a proud history of supporting the Armed Forces Community, in particular those individuals and families who suffered bereavement or injury during Operation Banner. This respect of the Armed Forces formed our establishment in 1987.

As our founding members were gathered together to pay respect to the fallen of Two World Wars at the Cenotaph in Enniskillen Republican terrorists murdered 12 Innocent Civilians and Injured Scores more men, women and children.

Since then we have aimed to support all those effected by terrorism and In recognition of this work and our continued promotion and furthering of the interests and needs of the Innocent Victims and Veterans Community in Northern Ireland we are delighted to have been accepted this week as an associate member of COBSEO, the National Confederation of Service Charities.

Cobseo represents the whole Serving and Veterans Community – Some 4 million people and their dependants Their Stated objectives are to represent, promote and further the interest of the Armed Forces Community by:

◦Exchanging and coordinating information internally.

◦Identifying issues of common concern and coordinating any necessary and appropriate action.

◦Acting as a point of contact for external agencies to the members of Cobseo.

◦Representing and supporting the needs and opinions of its member organisations, individually and collectively at central & local government levels and with other national and international agencies

Mr Lee McDowell, stated “Cobseo membership has a multitude of benefits for Charities like The Ely Centre supporting civilians and veterans who suffered as a result of terrorism during the Troubles, the needs of both groups are interlinked with shared experiences and commonality on many of the issues they experience”

The Ely Centre believe that as a member of large national voice supporting the veterans community we will have the opportunity and support to help develop policies for dealing with issues of common concern, particularly welfare, Facilitate direct access to other member charities, with appropriate expertise furthermore the Chairman of Cobseo and members of the Executive Committee sit on various Government groups and committees to ensure the Armed Forces Community voice is heard and account is taken of their particular needs and concerns