The Ely Centre is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of The Ely Centre, developing the mission, values of the organisation and its strategic objectives in accordance within the Articles of Association and other legal and regulatory guidelines. The Board of Directors elects a chairperson from among its members.

The Board of Directors

  • Mr. W. J. Dixon (Chairperson)
  • Mr. A. Coulter
  • Mr. O Wilson
  • Mr. W. Wallace
  • Mr. J. Mullen
  • Mrs. A. Dixon 
  • Mrs E Lappin
  • Mrs R Barton

The Role of the Board

The Ely Centre Board is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of The Ely Centre, developing the organisation's mission and values, and the strategic objectives in accordance with the articles of association and other legal and regulatory guidelines

To assist in the achievement of good governance The Ely Centre Board adhere to these set of core principles.

  • Leadership
  • Legal requirements and obligations
  • Effectiveness
  • Performing, reviewing and renewing the committee
  • Delegation
  • Integrity
  • Openness

Brooke House Steering Committee (BSC) Members

The BSC is responsible for reviewing and overseeing the management of Brooke House Project under the Governance of the Ely Centre. It will oversee the Brooke House operational and financial objectives and its budgets (both annual and medium term) and report these to the Ely Centre Board (defined as comprising both the Directors of Ely and the Trustees of the Ely Centre). It will monitor staff and project performance against the delivery plans and service budgets and agree and monitor action plans where remedial steps are necessary.

The BSC is composed of a maximum of 10 individuals (Excluding Ely Centre BOD) who have been bereaved and/or injured as result of Military or RUC Service, or individuals who seek to support the target groups/ areas with experience in project management of a similar scale

  • Major Doug Beattie MC,MLA
  • Major Edwin Parks (Rtd)
  • Mr Jeff Smith
  • Mrs Ann McCormac
  • Mr David McFarland
  • Mr Errol McDowell QPM
  • Mr Roy Crawford
  • Mrs France Nolan
  • Mrs Florence Ferry
  • Ely Centre BOD
  • Ely Centre BOD

Our Staff

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